Why Aren’t You Playing Video Games?

Image by Sagan Yee.

How do you do leisure? Do you craft? Watch television? Read? Do you make enough time for yourself or do it in small snippets between other activities? Historically and culturally, women don’t do a good job of leisure. We prioritize work and family and don’t take time for us. Simply put: we don’t play enough. And play is essential to a happy, fulfilled, gratifying life.

What do you think of when you think of video games? For many of you, you might think of violent first-person shooters like Grand Theft Auto. For others, you might think of the mindless fun of Candy Crush Saga or have fond childhood memories of Super Mario Bros.

But video games are more than that.

There are beautiful, artful, meaningful video game experiences. There are video games that will make you cry. There are video games that will make you think. Video games can help you build empathy and puzzle out problems. But, even more important, video games will remind you to Play More.

But, of course, starting new things is difficult. There are all kinds of barriers to entry, that make it hard to get in the game. Gaming Circles are meant to side-step these barriers to entry. Like a book club, a Gaming Circle is a regular meetup with your friends where you all play the same thing and have a discussion. The games we select are artful, literary, and thoughtful. They are all available on Android and iOS platforms, have a low cost, and are easy to start.

What are you waiting for? Get playing!

Not ready to start a Gaming Circle just yet, but want to try a few games? Here are some of my recommendations.

(Image by Sagan Yee.)

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