Rusty Lake: Paradise

Synopsis: There are several games in the Rusty Lake series (all about the same level of quality). The combination of macabre art and fun puzzles makes the game a fun, fast-moving mystery exploration. 

Who Should Play: The humor in this game is a bit macabre; there is a lot of blood flowing in tongue-and-cheek ways. While I label it as both a adventure and puzzle game, the puzzle definitely takes precedence over the story. That said, the point-and-click style is pretty easy to navigate, although the puzzles are not!

Made by: Rusty Lake (Developer & Publisher)

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Microsoft

Price: $3.99

Play time: 4 hours


  1. This game is characterized by an odd, almost violent humor, but the pacing and tone is calm and collected. How do these juxtaposed styles create a distinct play experience?
  2. The puzzles are all based around biblical plagues. How do the plagues frame a sense of story and texture your experiences? Were you uncomfortable with the dark tenor of the story, or did it make you want to play more?
  3. What did you think about the difficulty level of the puzzles? Were they too easy? Too difficult? How many did you get right without help?
  4. Is there enough story to the backdrop of the puzzles? Would this game be more satisfying if there was more story underlying the events?
  5. You, as the protagonist and player, are (for the most part) invisible within the story. Did you find yourself looking for a stronger sense of who you were within the space of the story? Or did you find your role as an outsider to be pleasurable?
  6. The strange people-animal hybrids are commonplace in the Rusty Lake games. Why do you think the designers made that choice, and how does it affect your play?
  7. Point-and-click adventure games are an older style of play that has transferred nicely to mobile devices. If you played this on a mobile device, did you find the point-and-click to be frustrating or a clear navigation system?
  8. In a game filled with strangeness, what did you think was the weirdest thing you encountered? 

General Gaming Circle Questions:

  1. What did and didn’t you like about the game?
  2. How much time did you spend playing? Did you play all at once or break up your time?
  3. Did you play during other activities, or dedicate time solely to playing?
  4. Did the game feel like a waste of time? A good use of time? Explain.

Links & Walkthroughs:

Official Website
App Unwrapper (Walkthrough)

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