Gorogoa is a gorgeous puzzle game that involves rearranging hand-drawn squares as it tells you a non-linear story about time, aging, and desires.

Who Should Play:
Gorogoa takes a while to get a hang of how to play, but once you get into it, the puzzles are absorbing and visually stunning. It’s not great for first time players, but provokes good discussions and meditative play.

Made by: Producer: Annapurna Interactive Digital; Developer: Buried Signal, Jason Roberts

Available on: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Price: $4.99 – $14.99 (depending on platform)

Play time: 2-5 hours

Questions for Gorogoa:

  1. Gorogoa was hand drawn over the course of about four years. How does a hand-drawn game change how it feels to play?
  2. The narrative of the game was somewhat elusive, yet always present. What do you think the narrative was, and in what ways was its completion satisfying or dissatisfying?
  3. The game involved no instructions and no tutorial levels. How did this method help absorb you in the game, or to what extent did you find the lack of instruction frustrating?
  4. Did you get stuck? What were some ways that you used to get unstuck?
  5. The game was constantly about framing and reframing and looking again at things you have already seen. In what ways did playing it affect how you saw the world around you?
  6. In what ways did the wordlessness of the game effect your experience?
  7. The end of the game was a whirlwind of emotions for the protagonist. In what ways did you experience a similar emotional catharsis?
  8. Gorogoa feels, in many ways, like a physical, card game. Did it remind you of other non-digital games.
  9. Who do you think this game was made for? What audience do you think the creator had in mind?

General Gaming Circle Questions:

  1. What did and didn’t you like about the game?
  2. How much time did you spend playing? Did you play all at once or break up your time?
  3. Did you play during other activities, or dedicate time solely to playing?
  4. Did the game feel like a waste of time? A good use of time? Explain.

Links & Walkthroughs:

Official Web Site
Ars Technica (Review)
Peabody Awards (Award Citation)
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