Play like a Feminist. (Available from my local bookstore)

Today is a strange day. It is the centennial anniversary for women’s right to vote in America.

It is two days until the start of an in-person term at my university, which feels akin to packing for the Titanic.

It is the release day for my new book, PLAY LIKE A FEMINIST.

This is not the book release I had expected. There’s no cake this time. No release parties. No giddy toasts. It will be a day I spend producing online materials for classes that I’m not teaching online.

But I have hundreds of these stickers.

Three months ago, this was my release plan: I would mail stickers to friends, acquaintances, and readers who wanted them.

I could never have guessed that the USPS would be on the verge of collapse when I made that plan.

The stickers, however, remain my only joy in this process. So hit me up (on Twitter) and I’ll send you stickers and maybe they will get there someday.

Local indie bookstore Avid Bookshop.

In addition, Athens’ local indie bookstore Avid Bookshop carries my book, and I’ve coordinated with them to make signed copies available.

Please indicate in the order form that you would like a signed edition when you place your order online.

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