Sneaky Sasquatch

Synopsis: Sneaky Sasquatch is a simulation adventure game where the player takes on the role of the title character and is forced to sneak around, stealing things from park-goers and not getting caught by the park ranger. The game is bright, funny, and one of the best offerings in Apple Arcade. 

Who Should Play: Sneaky Sasquatch is a great beginner game. The controls are easy to use and tasks are nicely set out for you, gradually getting more complex. It is one of those games where you can play for a few days or you can play for weeks or months. (Side note: this game was partially included as a recommendation my elementary school aged son.)

Made by: RAC7 Games (Developer & Publisher)

Available on: iOS

Price: Included with Apple Arcade ($4.99/mo)

Play time: Varies, depending on interest level (the game has a decent amount of depth)


  1. “Stealth games” are a popular genre in video games, but usually they involve different kinds of stealth (generally, in more violent situations). How does this cartoonish, light kind of stealth evoke certain feelings when you play? What does it feel like to sneak, and what does it feel like to get caught with stakes that are far more cartoonish and silly?
  2. At the start of the game, you (the sasquatch) are scrounging for basic needs, but eventually are passing as a “regular” person. What does this game tell us about the anxieties involved in passing, and how might we apply it to other kinds of identity passing?
  3. Did you find yourself seeking out more material goods in the game? Did you find yourself critiquing how material goods were privileged in the play? How did the game get you thinking about materialism in and out of the game world? 
  4. What would this game look and feel like, if you played from the perspective of the park ranger? How might it change gameplay and do you think it would it make the game more or less fun?
  5. In the game you navigate a space that sits somewhere between human and animal. In what ways does the game have you sympathize with one side or the other, in ways you had not previously considered?
  6. Picking things up in the game is physically awkward. While it’s hard to say if this is a feature or bug, how might it contribute to your feelings of not quite being “human?” Does the clumsy mechanic enhance the gameplay or make it harder?
  7. You can play video games inside of this game. How does this game-within-a-game structure add to the verisimilitude of the game world, and is it fun to play a game within a game? 
  8. A lot of this game is about exploration. What did you find enjoyable about the discovery of new locations, spaces, and experiences? 

General Gaming Circle Questions:

  1. What did and didn’t you like about the game?
  2. How much time did you spend playing? Did you play all at once or break up your time?
  3. Did you play during other activities, or dedicate time solely to playing?
  4. Did the game feel like a waste of time? A good use of time? Explain.

Links & Walkthroughs:

Official Website
Pocket Gamer (Tips)

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