Synopsis: KIDS is a artful, contemplative game that has you move (somewhat anonymously) within and around and against crowds. It is part visual puzzle and part rhetorical argument.

Who Should Play: The puzzles of this game aren’t difficult, and are not meant to be – it is a visual game that is meant to make an argument in ways that a short film might. Don’t play it if you are someone who will grumble about spending $2.99 for a short-lived experience. However, it taps into the possibilities of what video games are capable of.

Made by: Double Fine (Publisher); Playables, Mario von Rickenbach, and Michael Frei (Developers)

Available on: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Price: $2.99

Play time: An hour or less


  1. What do you think this game is saying? What kind of arguments is it making?
  2. How did the actions you do in the game help to make those arguments?
  3. How do the visual styles complement (or not) the arguments made by the game?
  4. Was the lack of central protagonist and plot something that was a distraction, or did the movement of the game envelope you in play? How did the anonymity of characters create (or not create) connections between you and the game?
  5. One of the game creators is a director and KIDS has been referred to as “cinematic.” Yet, it lacks many of the benchmarks of modern film. Do you agree that this game is cinematic, and if not, how would you describe what happens in it?
  6. What was the most jarring moment for you in this game? After you finished it, what stayed with you and why?

General Gaming Circle Questions:

  1. What did and didn’t you like about the game?
  2. How much time did you spend playing? Did you play all at once or break up your time?
  3. Did you play during other activities, or dedicate time solely to playing?
  4. Did the game feel like a waste of time? A good use of time? Explain.

Links & Walkthroughs:

Official Web Site
The Verge (Review)

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